Wednesday, May 7, 2008


The “child”… Is a personification of vital forces quite outside the limited range of our conscious mind… It represents the strongest, the most ineluctable urge in every being, namely the urge to realize itself। It is, as, it were, an incarnation of the inability to do otherwise, equipped with all the powers of nature and instinct, whereas the conscious mind is always getting tied up in its supposed ability to do otherwise। The urge and compulsion to self-realization is a law of nature and thus of invincible power… Carl Jung

A Project of Artists by the Artists and for the Artists

Kindergarten is an artist-based group that intends to propose exhibitions of their works for the public. It is an “Artists’ Garden,” where they can learn, share, and support each other to fulfill their artistic dreams; it hopes to function as an artistic cradle for the future. A growing number of artists are participating in developing this informal artists' group project while creating their own community to make a collective effort for proposing significant exhibitions at non-profit art organizations and other art supporting venues mainly in the New York metro area.
Without the participating artists, it would have been impossible to launch “Kindergarten.” As more and more artists participate, the project will be able to deliver fresher perspectives and worthier exhibitions by New York artists than are currently available. Kindergarten hopes to refresh the New York art scene, which has been controlled by its exclusivity and commercialism rather than art or artists themselves.
It is a grass root effort of artists to re-examine what is art and what it means to be an artist in the society NOW.

Please join us for "Launching KINDERGARTEN"
Artists currently participating the Launching Event

Fabian Brenbaum/ Sung Ho Choi / Fred Fleishier
Joshua Howard/ Ha Rhin Kim/ Anya Lifting/
Aegi Changsuk Park/ Debra Swack / Catherine Tafur

(Correction: "Eve Bailey" has not been included herself in the project/ event)
Viewing Schedule:
For appointment c: 646-932-9499

May 8 Thursday 12-6 PM
May 9 Friday 12- 6 PM
May 12 Monday 12-6 PM

World Culture Opencenter Manhattan
A non-profit cultural space in Chelsea, New York
19W 26St. 5F, New York, NY 10001 t: T: 212-679-2005



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